We need a convention on the rights of older people

Existing human rights mechanisms fail to adequately protect and promote the rights of older people. We believe that a single instrument, a new international convention on the rights of older people, is the most effective way to make sure that all people enjoy their human rights in older age, and on an equal basis with others.

We need a convention to:

  • establish legal standards that challenge and replace stigmatising and dehumanising ageist attitudes and behaviour
  • clarify how human rights apply in older age
  • ensure states understand their human rights obligations to us in our older age
  • better understand and assert our rights in our older age
  • improve accountability of states for their human rights obligations towards us in older age
  • provide a framework for policy and decision making.

A convention must:

  • provide a comprehensive and systematic framework for the protection and promotion of all our human rights in older age
  • prohibit all forms of discrimination in older age in every aspect of our lives
  • articulate how each human right specifically applies to us in older age
  • provide for a strong implementation, monitoring and accountability system.