Life Stories - Dok Sek And The $200 That Changed Her Life

Dok Sek, 58, lives in Banteay Meanchey in the north west of Cambodia. She generates income of around US$10 per month by farming near her house. She is in poor health and currently spends half of this income on medicine.

At the start of this year she was struggling to survive. She has three adult children who she rarely sees and does not receive any financial support.

HelpAge Cambodia conducted a three month training program on income generation activities and business skills for 126 Older People Association (OPA) members in Banteay Meanchey from February to April 2013. As part of this training the 126 participants were awarded small grants to start their own businesses.

Dok Sek participated in this training and received767,000 Riel (approximately US$190) to start her own business.

Dok Sek will set up a stall in front of her house and sell rice porridge. This has been her dream for years but she has never had the capital to do so. Now, thanks to HelpAge Cambodia and the Korean International Cooperative Agency, she can.

“I never thought I would one day be able to run my own small business… [Before this] I was worried to live every day. I am really grateful I can start my small porridge stall in front of my house. This is not only starting a business but raising hope.Thank you.”

Dok Sek, aged 58, Banteay Meanchay, Cambodia.

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