Grandma Khut Arng , A New Hope With The Health Camp

Sitting for a blood pressure check-up within the Health Camp inside a small rural pagoda with a warming-smile expression, a 79 years old grandmother named “Khut Arng” had told that she is currently living in Sramouch village where is one of the rural area within Preah Net Preah commune of Preah Net Preah district in Banteay Mean Chey province.

She is currently living with her nine family members including her children and her grandchildren in a small wooden house in her village. Grandmother “Khut Arng” is one of the oldest-age-woman among the other olds in her village that suffered a health problem with diabetic disease and blood pressure for many years.

She had told that she was living in a bad condition with her diabetic and blood pressure for many years since her family is one of the poor family in the village and her family could not afford to send her to any  referral hospital for seeking an appropriate treatment to her current diseases since they perceived that this kind of disease will be cost very expensive comparing to her family economic situation which is one of the reason that cause her health condition became worst and worst from day to day.

However she had found out the Health Camp which is supported by HelpAge Cambodia through the existing OPA in her village which this Health Camp is conducted bi-monthly under the collaborating with the health center staff in providing the Health Awareness and Health Check-Up which usually take place at Sramouch Pagoda.

After attending the Health Camp a few times, she found that her health getting some even better comparing to before i.e. sleeping, eating and her blood pressure is slightly better than before, she said. “Within these few months I can eat and sleep well than before even my blood pressure didn’t happen often such before since I have joined in Health Camp for health check-up and learned some on how to take care my health from the Health Center Doctor”, she continued.

Adding to the above health camp, grandmother “Khut Arng” added that it would be satisfied and great if she can get more medicine pertaining to her high blood pressure in particular for her diabetic disease within each of health camp in her village. She also suggested that it will be a great pleasure for her and all of older people in her village if health camp could be able to conduct by every month in her village.