Income Generation

Older Cambodians are vulnerable to financial insecurity and are often forced to take out high-interest loans to cover agriculture or business costs.  Many ageing people face rising costs of living due to health concerns and struggle to repay loans.

Cow Banks

Cow  banks  are  a  sustainable  income-generating  service  supporting  the  livelihoods  of Cambodian farmers across 46 villages since 2007.

Rice Banks

Rice Banks are a sustainable social enterprise that provides food security for older people and their families. Over 100 rice banks have been established by HelpAge since 2006.

Revolving Fund

HAC sets up low-interest revolving funds with OPA (self-help groups for older people) with the aim of improving the financial security of older people in target communities, as well as providing OPAs with a sustainable source of income.

Small Business Training

HelpAge Cambodia works with Older People’s Associations (OPA) to ensure that older people in extreme poverty have the skills the means to increase their income and improve their welfare. Small  business  training  gives  the  opportunity to  the  poorest  families  to  start  their  own profitable business.