Meet the Team

Meet the team who are working towards improving the lives of Older People in Cambodia.

Mr. Vira

Mr. Tum Vira

Executive Director

Mrs. Sreyvin

Ms. Sreng Sreyvin

Finance and Administration Manager

Mrs. Leakhena

Mrs. Uk Leakhena

Community Development Manager

Mr. Bunret

Mr. Von Bunret

Communication and Advocacy Manager

Mrs. Nary

Ms. Peou Sunnary

Senior Finance and HR Coordinator

Mr. Chhunly

Mr. Dy Chhunly

Community Support Manager / Senior Project Coordinator

Mrs. Sampov

Mrs. Bun Sampov

Area Coordinator / Community Development Officer

Mrs. Samphoan

Mrs. Men Samphoan

Area Coordinator / Community Development Officer

Mr. Kakvey

Mr. Kakveidontrey

Communication Officer

Mr. Hang

Mr. Chhiv Hang

Accounting and Revolving Fund Officer

Mr. Vireak

Mr. Pean Vireak

Health and Care Officer

Mr. Sony

Mr. Sok Sony

Community Development Officer

Mr. Bunna

Mr. Chey Bunna

Community Development Officer

Mrs. Seamngor

Ms. Im Seamngor

Campaign and Advocacy Assistant

Mr. Joshua

Mr.Soth RitheaJoshua

Communication and Media Assistant

Mrs. Sreynit

Ms. So Sreynit

Community Development Assistant Intern

Mrs. Sreyroth

Ms.Chhoeun Sreyroth

Finance and Administration Assistant

Mr. Chhut

Mr.Chhum Chhut

Field Assistant and Driver