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A Change of OPA through Cambodian Ageing Network – CAN

Nom Kreab is one of the new OPA that have just been established within 2018 in the urban of Battambang City. This OPA is exist of 67 members while 52 members are women and most of them are over 60 years old. The majority of older people in this village reported about the health issues […]

Mr. Som Chea, a Cambodia YMCA staff and a member of Cambodian Ageing Network

The Cambodia Young Men’s Christian Volunteer Association (Cambodia YMCA) is one of the Voice’s empowerment grantees that is implementing the project of “Youth Action to Promote Voice of Elderly People (YAPVE)” in Phnom Penh. YMCA has engaged with HAC through a couple of meetings to discuss the OPA model and replication. From 2018-2019, YMCA has […]

Story of Change – Ms. Ou Vanda through Cambodian Ageing Network

A 63 years old active woman, Mrs. Ou Vanda who is currently a president of Cambodian Ageing Network (CAN) told that she used to feel depressed and isolated from other people after she got retired. Mrs. Vanda is a former deputy director at Provincial Health Department in Battambang. When she has reached 60 years old, […]

Cash Transfer is very important for me and my grandchildren

“Without cash transfer from HelpAge Cambodia, I and my grandchildren would live in a very hard condition during this Covid19 pandemic”, said Ms. Ou Rai. Ms. Ou Rai, 63 years old widow who is currently living with her two grandchildren in Kampong Cheng village of Baydamram commune in Banan district of Battambang province. Her daily […]