Older People Association In Samroung Snour Village

Mr. Chhneang Vy, 51 years old, lives with his wife Ms. Chhort Chhuot, 50 years old with five children. They live in Samroung Snour village. Before being a member of an OPAs, his family had very limited knowledge in agricultural techniques and limited access to an age-friendly lifestyle. This caused them to live in hard conditions. After becoming OPAs member, Mr Chhneang’s family has increased knowledge on agriculture techniques and was able to receive a capital loan from the OPAs. This capital provided his family with more income to support age-friendly agriculture techniques. Further, Mr Cheenang Vy has been motivated by the OPAs through consultations and meetings to lead his family to a better life. He said, “I would like to thank OPAs and HAC for the support and capacity strengthening for me and all the older people in this village. I hope that the OPAs will sustained in order to continue to support older people.”