Older People's Association (OPA)

Older People’s Associations (OPA’s) are multifunctional community-based organisations that are led and managed by older village volunteers. The goal of OPA’s supported by HelpAge Cambodia is for these associations to become self-sufficient in providing local community-based solutions to address the challenges and vulnerabilities of older people, ageing and their households.

OPA’s provides a platform for informal social protection for older people and their communities. Through these community-based organisations, older people and their households can improve their livelihoods and wellbeing through sustainable community development practices. OPA’s are recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia as a proven safety tool focused on addressing social and welfare protection of older people. HAC continues to provide technical advice and support to Government Partners.

To date, HAC has supported over 160 communities with the establishment of OPA’s, with more than 1600 members; the member base has over 60% female members and over 60% of OPA leaders are over the age of 55 years old. HAC arranges informative learning workshops for OPA’s, aimed to educate and improve the local community development activities and to improve the lives of older people and their households. The programs are aimed to reduce the risk of poverty and social exclusion of disadvantaged households with older people, providing a critical link between communities and government authorities.

HAC continues to develop further solutions to address emerging needs of older people in Cambodia and to strengthen OPA’s capacity to manage risk.

Older People's Federation

Older People’s Federations are when five or more Older People’s Associations group together. This gives older people a greater platform to share knowledge and expand the collective action of OPA’s. Establishing federations brings OPA’s together to voice older people’s issues and contribute to community development. Resources are shared within the federation to form a stronger and united community response to ageing issues.