A note of thanks from HelpAge Cambodia On 18 July 2014, a team of volunteers from VISIONS Service Adventures, together with HelpAge Cambodia staff and community members, graciously donated their time, energy and funds to build a rice barn for an Older People’s Association (OPA) in Rumchek village, Kokoh commune, Maung district, Battambang province, Cambodia. Rice banks are a sustainable social enterprise that provides food security for older people and their families. OPA members of the rice bank in Rumchek village will now be able to store rice seeds in the newly constructed rice barn and members will be able to borrow these seeds as required for farming or food. Generous donations from VISIONS Service Adventures, HelpAge Cambodia staff (Ms. Subin KIM; parents of Ms. Jane UPTON, Mr. Geoff and Mrs. Maree UPTON; and Mr. Andy YEE) and the OPA made the building of the rice barn possible.

On behalf of the older people in this village, HelpAge Cambodia would like to thank these donors for helping the OPA. HelpAge Cambodia is so grateful for your support – you are making our vision of a society in which all older people can lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives much more possible.

Andy Yee specialises in travel, commercial, design and special event photography. Andy, based in Sydney, Australia, toured Cambodia in 2012, taking photos and getting to know the people of Cambodia. For his birthday this year, instead of getting presents Andy decided to organise a charity fundraiser to benefit older people in Cambodia. As a travel photographer, he donated some of the photos he took in Cambodia to be raffled off. Several generous friends and businesses also contributed prizes which made the effort a success, raising a total of $5500! Andy chose HelpAge Cambodia as the recipient for this money, for which we are very grateful. HelpAge Cambodia works with older people to fulfill their potential to lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives. Andy has said he appreciates the work of HelpAge Cambodia to support older people in Cambodia as it’s an issue doesn’t get as much attention. On behalf of all the older people in Cambodia we sincerely thank Andy for his fundraising efforts and look forward to welcoming him back to Cambodia to see the effects of his donation. For more of Andy’s images, please visit