Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture program administered through HAC and Older People’s Associations (OPA) aims to empower local farmers and develop low-cost, environmentally-friendly and organic farming practices. Around 80% of the population in Cambodia make a living from small-scaled, manual agricultural practices. HAC’s target area, northwest Cambodia, has fertile land and climate conditions to produce rice, vegetables and tropical fruits.

Home Gardening

HAC and OPA’s work with older people to build capacity of modern gardening techniques and skills. OPA members receive training in organic and pesticide-free agricultural techniques for private gardening. The aim is for older people to grow produce which feeds their whole family. The families are then able to then generate income from their excess produce and sell this at local markets.

Rice and Seeds

Through the Sustainable Agriculture program, older farmers receive rice and seeds that are flood and drought resistant. The program focus on finding climate change solutions for farmers. Many in the villages face risks such as flooding or draught, so it is important that the crops are resilient. This ensures long-term food security and health benefits for older farmers and their households.

Hand Tractor

Since 2012, HAC has supplied OPA’s with a hand tractor for communal farming use. The OPA maintains and manages the use of the hand tractor so that all community members can access this service, renting it at a low fee.

Hand tractors assist farmers to produce more profitable and greater crop harvests to secure their income. The hand tractor rental fee covers the costs of other OPA programs that improve the lives of vulnerable and poor older community members.